March 06, 2014

Alienfish video

"До чего дошёл прогресс" (Приключения Электроника)
"Млечный путь" (Большое космическое путешествие)


  1. Hi, I came here under the impression that you're a moderator of conceptart, and if not please correct my mistake... I came here as a last resort. I have been trying for over a year to join conceptart, from my university's wifi to home wifi to malls, and practically all of Toronto. I have never had an account before. yet each time I try I receive a message of "registration has been rejected, high amounts of spam have been detected from your computer" I even memorized 90% of it and typed that without any reference. I don't understand why I as an anonymous person of anonymous location am not allowed to join. Please help me, I love to draw and i relaly want to improve and it seems like a wonderful community yet none of the admins on facebook or anyone else will answer me the last time I tried before today was last year. This is frustrating.