June 03, 2013

Space station process

I've been asked to show the process of my working on some of my works, so I decided to find some.. The only problem that unfortunately I'm not used to save all the stages of working, that is why my wip pack of sketches is very poor. Anyway..

Here is small process set of sketches for the work "Space station". I don't know, maybe it could be useful somehow.

I've started with the very rough line sketch

Then I was mostly concentrated on the characters (not a good way to move on with the drawing)

Close up

Making all the interior was not a hard task, I've spent more time on characters. Here is almost finished work

Client said that there is too much light all over the drawing, and it doesn't match with the planned mood. So I spent more time on it make the light not so flat and bringing more interesting mood. Here is the final