August 31, 2013


Video of process:


  1. Just want to say I love your work very much! Your technique, storytelling and design are all so great I'm constantly amazed by your new work. Looking forward to more awesome art!

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  3. Ha, can't figure out this pesky comments thing. Anyhow love your work, thanks for the video! It's very helpful!

  4. Keep the excelent work Sergey! one of the most inspiring digital artists :)

  5. Man, I'm your biggest fan. For me you are one of the most interesting painter that I know, because of the originality of your subjects and angles.

    For that and the inspiration it gave me for paint I'm thankfull.

    But this one ? Nah... The head just ruin everything. You should have done a raptor-head or something !

    Keep up the good work ! In the workshop, we are just drooling in front of your paintings !